Our Story...


Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Cheesecake was inspired by a World War II veteran, a Clinical Psychologist, and a locally renowned cheesecake lover, Dr. Charles A. Carter PhD. Dr. Carter and his wife, Mrs. Carter, were one of the sweetest couples one could ever meet – and Mrs. Carter was known locally as the best home baker around. In fact, legend has it that if she was expecting a visit, she would prepare her guests’ favorite type of cake in advance! And when her guests arrived, they’d be greeted by a smiling Mr. and Mrs. Carter and a warm, homemade cake.  


Here at Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Cheesecake, our goal is to embrace the spirit of the late Mr. and Mrs. Carter and bring the world of gourmet cheesecake, deserts, and snacks into the homes of food lovers far and wide. Today, the age-old tradition of gourmet desserts, love, and community serve as the very heart and soul of Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Cheesecake. We’re committed to providing an exceptional experience from the moment you place your order, to the very last bite of your cheesecake – just how one could expect when paying Mr. and Mrs. Carter a visit.

In fact, we’re proud to keep with the sentiment set forth by the Carter family of convenient gourmet cheesecake ready to eat. Each of our cheesecakes are made with farm-fresh mascarpone cheese that melts in your mouth, all natural ingredients that are safe and free from chemical additives, and of course, decades of culinary experience.

But the most important ingredient – one that Mr. and Mrs. Carter never neglected, is love.


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