Our Story 

 Nationally acclaimed for his significant contributions in Clinical Psychology, A World War II Veteran having served the frontline; Dr. Charles A. Carter P.h.D was appointed to head several national Psychological and Mental Health Government Agencies including VISTA (also known as AmeriCorps), the Vocational Rehabilitation program, and the Mental Health Administration of Washington, D.C.  

His Wife, was a quite remarkable home baker and literally the sweetest lady you'd ever want to meet! Legend has it, for friends and family, if she was aware that they were coming to visit, she would make any kind of cake they desired. Upon arrival, you were greeted by a warm hugging "Come On In Here!and the cake of your dreams made just for you! :)
 Here's a little family secret..Resting neatly, front and center in the fridge, was always a fresh, gloriously hand-crafted Gourmet Cheesecake. Forbidden to all! Reserved EXCLUSIVELY for her husband, Dr. Charles A. Carter, P.h.D
"I remember thinking to myself as a child...Wow!! That must be the best Cheesecake in the whole wide WORLD!" says, Chef. C. E. Cottman, Company CEO/Proprietor; and Great Nephew of The Carters. "I always enjoyed and look forward to visits with my great Uncle Charles & Aunt Thelma. For obvious reasons!"
Today, this tradition of Love, Community, and Exclusive Gourmet dessert serves as the inspiration behind Uncle Charlie's Gourmet Cheesecake™️. We are committed to providing value to customers; with the best quality of products possible. Fundamentally, inspired and driven by the innate responsibilities we all share. Love & Community.
Uncle Charlies Gourmet Cheesecake™ is handcrafted 100% from scratch with locally-sourced "Farm Fresh" All-Natural ingredients, freshly made Mascarpone cheese, decades of experience, and the most important ingredient of all. Love.
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